David Tom Grinbergs

David Tom Grinbergs has created for himself, an excellentbackground on the business side of healthcare. Successfully operating DTGHealthcare, LLC and CliniGain, Inc. as the Chief Executive Officer and Founder,Grinbergs has brought the success he learned as the Divisional Chief ExecutiveOfficer of EmCare, Inc. and as President of TeamHealth. On top of this, DavidTom Grinbergs is a board certified physician.

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Properly Trained

Not only is David a business professional and high ranking healthcare executive, but he is also a board certified physician. Having an expert knowledge in both aspects of the healthcare industry, business and clinical, he is instantly a valuable asset to any major healthcare organization across the country. David received his education first at the University of Nebraska at Kearney where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1985. Later, he received his Diploma at the Immanuel School of Respiratory Therapy before moving on to medical school at the Kansas City University of Medicine and Bioscience. He has board certifications for both emergency medicine and family practice. However, one of the most important and influential positions of his career was with EmCare, Inc. He has had a notable career and is recognized for his achievements in strategic planning, organizational development, scaling, growth, and leadership of healthcare organizations.

At EmCare, Inc, David served as the Divisional Chief Executive Officer where he provided visionary and strategic leadership while directing the momentum for the organizations growth. He completed his residency training in surgery, anesthesiology, and emergency medicine at both the University of Nebraska College of Medicine and the Midwestern University Cook County Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine.

David Tom Grinbergs is an extremely successful healthcare executive with over two decades worth of experience in the highly competitive field. The company itself generates around 1.2 billion dollars in revenue annually and provides services to over 500 client hospitals. Due to his work, EmCare, Inc has become of the nation’s largest outsourced emergency department staffing and management services. He offers a unique insight for leaders in the industry due to his diverse experience and expertise in the healthcare field.

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David Tom Grinbergs – A Licensed Practitioner

Due to a lengthy career in the healthcare industry, David has developed a number of lasting professional relationships as well as important professional affiliations. CliniGain then leads and directs the monetary recovery on behalf of the provider. One company that he is currently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for is CliniGain, LLC. Not only is he a highly dedicated executive, but he also serves as a board certified physician. He is currently licensed to practice medicine and surgery in Texas, Iowa, and Nebraska. He has successfully started, managed, and operated healthcare organizations that have reached revenues of over a billion dollars annually.

CliniGain, LLC is a prompt pay and revenue cycle consulting organization that is dedicated to serving hospitals and large physician practices in recovering revenue. David has had an extensive and successful career as a healthcare executive within the healthcare industry. David, through CliniGain, LLC, brings together partnered IT and outside legal professionals to uniquely and efficiently analyze incoming payments to assure they comply with the specific pay laws of the state. His business acumen and his clinical healthcare background have given him the unique ability to understand all aspects of the healthcare industry.

As a leader in the healthcare industry as a high level executive, David Tom Grinbergs has devoted much of his career to creating organizations dedicated to the betterment of the industry as a whole. These affiliations include the Young Presidents Organization, the American College of Physician Executives, the American College of Healthcare Executives, the American College of Emergency Physicians, and the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians. He has undergone extensive training at some of the country’s top medical institutions including the University of Nebraska and the Kansas City University of Medicine. He has had a highly successful career and has achieved recognition for strategic planning.

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David Tom Grinbergs – Professional Medical Examiners (PME)

A seasoned veteran with an illustrious career in the healthcare industry, David Tom Grinbergs combines his knowledge as a clinical physician with this leadership ability and expertise on the business side of healthcare to lead companies to fulfill their full potential. With a consistent track record of providing development in operational excellence and financial results, David Tom Grinbergs is always at the top of his game for companies that partner with him.

David Tom Grinbergs founded, built and directed the Professional Medical Examiners, LLC. The company located in Omaha, Nebraska offers several specialty service lines. These lines have a large range and include occupational health services, independent medical evaluations, social security administration determinations, executive physicals, other specialty exam, and consultative services. For many years, David Tom Grinbergs served as the President, Owner and Medical Director of the Nebraskan company.

While working with the company, David Tom Grinbergs transition the business from its humble beginnings as a startup company, to a full-scale operation. Their small start eventually led to Professional Medical Examiners, LLC generating fifteen million dollars in revenues in three years. This success is a great feat for any company. David Tom Grinbergs developed a business plan and executed his business processes effectively. Not only did he hire a team of directors and physicians, but Grinbergs was able to set up his financial processes to ensure stabilization of financial needs. Running the company at near perfect, David Tom Grinbergs transacted the company’s divestiture as the owner of Professional Medical Examiners, LLC.

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David Tom Grinbergs – TeamHealth, Inc.

David Tom Grinbergs has had a highly successful career on the business and clinical side of the healthcare industry. For multiple years, David Tom Grinbergs works with TeamHealth, Inc. Like essentially every other company he has partnered with, David Tom Grinbergs found great achievement while working with TeamHealth, Inc. Over the years of working with the healthcare organization, David Tom Grinbergs saw the company grow to become a strong force and player in the healthcare industry.

David Tom Grinbergs served as the President of TeamHealth, Inc. in Knoxville, Tennessee. The organization was founded in 1979 and since then has become one of the largest suppliers of outsourced healthcare professional staffing and administrative services to hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the United States. With six streams that are specifically located in fifteen regional sites across the United States, TeamHealth, Inc. is conveniently located to help nearly any medical facility in the nation.

TeamHealth, Inc. has approximately 7,100 healthcare professionals affiliated with the organization. These trained, educated and intelligent professionals provide emergency medicine, hospital medicine, anesthesia, pediatric staffing, and management services to the healthcare organizations in need of help in these areas. Nearly anything a medical facility could need for their facility on any level, David Tom Grinbergs, and TeamHealth, Inc. could provide it; with their thirty-six years of experience, TeamHealth, Inc. is well organized and ready to make a different in a medical facility. The healthcare company served over 730 civilian and military hospitals, clinics and physician groups in 47 states.

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David Tom Grinbergs – Education

David Tom Grinbergs knew that in order to accomplish his dream of becoming a physician, he would have to work endlessly hard to achieve that goal. Fortunately for Grinbergs, he is a hard working and high achieving person who stops at nothing until he reaches the goal he sets for himself.

The first step for the young David Tom Grinbergs to accomplish his medical field dreams was to go to an undergraduate school for a degree. Thus, Grinbergs decided he should attend the University of Nebraska in Kearney, Nebraska. After being enrolled for four years, Grinbergs completed his first step and earned his Bachelor of Science degree. 1985 was a big year for Grinbergs, as he graduated from the University of Nebraska and earned his Diploma from the Immanuel School of Respiratory Therapy. The next step for David Tom Grinbergs was in the state of Missouri. At the Kansas City University of Medicine and Bio science, Grinbergs studied long hours in the library and eventually walked across the podium at his graduation and received his M.D. from the University.

Not wanting to end his medical academia here, David Tom Grinbergs went through two separate residency programs after earning his degrees. David Tom Grinbergs first residency was completed at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine in Omaha. There he studied Surgery and Anesthesiology and completed his training in 1992. With the Midwestern University in Cook Country at Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, Grinbergs earned his second residency in three years of working in Emergency Medicine in 1999.


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David Tom Grinbergs – Healthcare Entrepreneur and Business Professional

David Tom Grinbergs is a healthcare executive with the ability to create, manage, and operate healthcare organizations successfully. He has been in the industry for over two full decades and has a wealth of experience as an entrepreneur and high ranking executive for businesses reaching annual revenues of over a billion dollars. Although he has achieved most of his notable success in the business realm of the healthcare industry, he is also a highly trained and board certified physician. He received his undergraduate degree at the prestigious University of Nebraska at Kearney before receiving his diploma at the Immanuel School of Respiratory Therapy in Omaha, Nebraska. He then moved on to pursue his medical degree at the Kansas City University of Medicine and Bioscience, which he received in 1990. After medical school, he received his residency training in surgery and anesthesiology at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine, and in emergency medicine at the Midwestern University Cook County Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. David Grinbergs’ extensive training no doubt played a major role in the success he continues to achieve today. He later received his Master’s degree in medical management from the American College of Physician Executives.

David Tom Grinbergs has an extremely solid business acumen that allows him to be an entrepreneur within the healthcare industry. He has founded and operated a number of his own healthcare organizations including DTG Healthcare, LLC and CliniGain, LLC. DTG Healthcare, LLC is a company that was founded in order to serve as the company through which David Tom Grinbergs conducts his professional consulting while maintaining a vast business portfolio. In this way, DTG Healthcare, LLC acts as a parent company to the other companies that he owns and operates, including CliniGain, LLC. CliniGain, LLC is only one of the many businesses that he owns within the healthcare industry, and DTG Healthcare helps him conduct his business in a more organized manner.


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