David Tom Grinbergs – Healthcare Entrepreneur and Business Professional

David Tom Grinbergs is a healthcare executive with the ability to create, manage, and operate healthcare organizations successfully. He has been in the industry for over two full decades and has a wealth of experience as an entrepreneur and high ranking executive for businesses reaching annual revenues of over a billion dollars. Although he has achieved most of his notable success in the business realm of the healthcare industry, he is also a highly trained and board certified physician. He received his undergraduate degree at the prestigious University of Nebraska at Kearney before receiving his diploma at the Immanuel School of Respiratory Therapy in Omaha, Nebraska. He then moved on to pursue his medical degree at the Kansas City University of Medicine and Bioscience, which he received in 1990. After medical school, he received his residency training in surgery and anesthesiology at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine, and in emergency medicine at the Midwestern University Cook County Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. David Grinbergs’ extensive training no doubt played a major role in the success he continues to achieve today. He later received his Master’s degree in medical management from the American College of Physician Executives.

David Tom Grinbergs has an extremely solid business acumen that allows him to be an entrepreneur within the healthcare industry. He has founded and operated a number of his own healthcare organizations including DTG Healthcare, LLC and CliniGain, LLC. DTG Healthcare, LLC is a company that was founded in order to serve as the company through which David Tom Grinbergs conducts his professional consulting while maintaining a vast business portfolio. In this way, DTG Healthcare, LLC acts as a parent company to the other companies that he owns and operates, including CliniGain, LLC. CliniGain, LLC is only one of the many businesses that he owns within the healthcare industry, and DTG Healthcare helps him conduct his business in a more organized manner.



About davidtomgrinbergs

David Tom Grinbergs is a highly respected and successful medical professional with experience as a both a physician and a high ranking executive for various healthcare companies. He has successfully operated two public companies with values reaching over billions of dollars called EmCare, Inc, and TeamHealth. David Tom Grinbergs served as the Divisional Chief Executive Officer for EmCare and the President of TeamHealth. He ensured that both companies would rise to their full potential and become major players in the healthcare industry.
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