David Tom Grinbergs – Professional Medical Examiners (PME)

A seasoned veteran with an illustrious career in the healthcare industry, David Tom Grinbergs combines his knowledge as a clinical physician with this leadership ability and expertise on the business side of healthcare to lead companies to fulfill their full potential. With a consistent track record of providing development in operational excellence and financial results, David Tom Grinbergs is always at the top of his game for companies that partner with him.

David Tom Grinbergs founded, built and directed the Professional Medical Examiners, LLC. The company located in Omaha, Nebraska offers several specialty service lines. These lines have a large range and include occupational health services, independent medical evaluations, social security administration determinations, executive physicals, other specialty exam, and consultative services. For many years, David Tom Grinbergs served as the President, Owner and Medical Director of the Nebraskan company.

While working with the company, David Tom Grinbergs transition the business from its humble beginnings as a startup company, to a full-scale operation. Their small start eventually led to Professional Medical Examiners, LLC generating fifteen million dollars in revenues in three years. This success is a great feat for any company. David Tom Grinbergs developed a business plan and executed his business processes effectively. Not only did he hire a team of directors and physicians, but Grinbergs was able to set up his financial processes to ensure stabilization of financial needs. Running the company at near perfect, David Tom Grinbergs transacted the company’s divestiture as the owner of Professional Medical Examiners, LLC.


About davidtomgrinbergs

David Tom Grinbergs is a highly respected and successful medical professional with experience as a both a physician and a high ranking executive for various healthcare companies. He has successfully operated two public companies with values reaching over billions of dollars called EmCare, Inc, and TeamHealth. David Tom Grinbergs served as the Divisional Chief Executive Officer for EmCare and the President of TeamHealth. He ensured that both companies would rise to their full potential and become major players in the healthcare industry.
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