David Tom Grinbergs – More Than Two Decades of Experience

David Tom Grinbergs is an extremely successful healthcare executive with over two decades worth of experience in the highly competitive field. He has had a notable career and is recognized for his achievements in strategic planning, organizational development, scaling, growth, and leadership of healthcare organizations. He offers a unique insight for leaders in the industry due to his diverse experience and expertise in the healthcare field. Not only is he a business professional and high ranking healthcare executive, but he is also a board certified physician. He has board certifications for both emergency medicine and family practice. Having an expert knowledge in both aspects of the healthcare industry, business and clinical, he is instantly a valuable asset to any major healthcare organization across the country. David Grinbergs received his education first at the University of Nebraska at Kearney where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1985. Later, he received his Diploma at the Immanuel School of Respiratory Therapy before moving on to medical school at the Kansas City University of Medicine and Bioscience. He completed his residency training in surgery, anesthesiology, and emergency medicine at both the University of Nebraska College of Medicine and the Midwestern University Cook County Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine.

As a leader in the healthcare industry as a high level executive, David Tom Grinbergs has devoted much of his career to creating organizations dedicated to the betterment of the industry as a whole. One company that he is currently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for is CliniGain, LLC. CliniGain, LLC is a prompt pay and revenue cycle consulting organization that is dedicated to serving hospitals and large physician practices in recovering revenue. David Tom Grinbergs, through CliniGain, LLC, brings together partnered IT and outside legal professionals to uniquely and efficiently analyze incoming payments to assure they comply with the specific pay laws of the state. CliniGain then leads and directs the monetary recovery on behalf of the provider.

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Dedicated Healthcare Executive

David Tom Grinbergs is a highly dedicated, highly professional healthcare executive who has acquired over two full decades worth of valuable experience. He is currently serving as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for DTG Healthcare, LLC and CliniGain, LLC. His highly successful career as a professional healthcare executive is showcased by the many achievements in strategic planning, organizational development, scaling, growth, and leadership of various healthcare organizations. Not only is he a healthcare executive, but he his also a highly trained board certified physician giving him insight into the clinical aspects of the industry as well. Having experience in all realms of healthcare instead of only a single aspect make him a unique advisor or board member to major healthcare organizations across the country. David Grinbergs has successfully operated a number of healthcare companies, both private and public, including EmCare, Inc and TeamHealth, Inc. Both organizations had annual revenues that reached beyond a billion dollars, and they have become two of the largest suppliers of outsourced healthcare professional staffing and administrative services. Much of their success can be credited to his strong business acumen and his dedication to achieving success.

David Tom Grinbergs has served as a high ranking executive for a number of healthcare organizations for more than two full decades. His ability to not only see where a company needs improvement, but how that grow that company as well is unparalleled in the competitive industry of healthcare. He has been the president for a number of major organizations including Low T Centers, Athas Health, LLC, TeamHealth, Inc, and Professional Medical Examiners, LLC. In all organizations, he drastically improved business operations and created momentum for company wide growth. David Tom Grinbergs has the unique ability to see the business side and the clinical side of the healthcare industry and this ability will continue to propel him to further success.

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